美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)的新药申请(New Drug Application)是美国药品赞助商正式提议FDA批准新药销售和营销的工具。大约30%或更少的初始候选药物会进行整个多年的药物开发过程,如果成功,最终会获得批准的NDA。NDA的目标是提供足够的信息,以允许FDA审核员建立候选药物的完整历史。该应用程序需要的事实包括: 专利和制造信息 按照说明使用时的药物安全性和特定有效性 机构审查委员会关于已完成临床试验的设计,依从性和结论的报告 药物滥用易感性 建议的标签和使用说明 此过程的例外情况包括某些州由选民推动的“医用”大麻倡议。
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Sequence Logo is an online tool for creating sequence logos. Paste your multiple sequence alignment and the sequence logo is generated automatically. Use Sequence Logo to easily create vector sequence logo graphs.

Please refer to the Sequence Logo manual for the sequence logo parameters and configuration. Sequence Logo supports multiple color schemes and download formats.

Sequence Logo is sequence logo generator. Sequence logos visualize protein and nucleic acid motifs and patterns identified through multiple sequence alignment.

Te Reo Maps is an online interactive Maori mapping service. All labels in Te Reo Maps are in Maori, making it the first interactive Maori map. Te Reo Maps is the world map, with all countries and territories translated into Maori.

Please refer to the list of countries in Maori for the Maori translations of country names. The list includes all UN members and sovereign territories.