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在荷兰,咖啡店是地方当局禁止公众出售供个人消费的大麻的场所。 根据荷兰的毒品政策,有执照的咖啡店允许销售少量大麻产品。其中大多数还提供饮料和食物。咖啡店不得提供酒精或其他药物,如果发现咖啡店向未成年人出售软性药物,硬性药物或出售酒精,则可能会倒闭。大麻销售许可的想法是在1970年代提出的,其明确目的是将硬毒品和软毒品分开。 一名荷兰法官已裁定,作为2012年实施的限制措施的一部分,可以合法禁止游客进入大麻咖啡厅。市议会可以选择是否实施这一禁令。这项禁令仅在荷兰南部的少数几个城市实施。 马斯特里赫特市议会允许游客参观咖啡店,但除一个市议会外,所有人都自愿达成协议,只允许当地人居住,当地居民被定义为居住在150公里半径范围内的任何人。


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Sequence Logo is an online tool for creating sequence logos. Paste your multiple sequence alignment and the sequence logo is generated automatically. Use Sequence Logo to easily create vector sequence logo graphs.

Please refer to the Sequence Logo manual for the sequence logo parameters and configuration. Sequence Logo supports multiple color schemes and download formats.

Sequence Logo is sequence logo generator. Sequence logos visualize protein and nucleic acid motifs and patterns identified through multiple sequence alignment.

Te Reo Maps is an online interactive Maori mapping service. All labels in Te Reo Maps are in Maori, making it the first interactive Maori map. Te Reo Maps is the world map, with all countries and territories translated into Maori.

Please refer to the list of countries in Maori for the Maori translations of country names. The list includes all UN members and sovereign territories.